Thursday, June 23, 2011

Odyssey Vander V2 Front Hub

Odyssey Vandero V2 front hub, white
IDR, 750.000, belum termasuk kirim
If you are thinking about something a little more 2010, you will like the vandero 2. The minimalist, streetable front hub that has spawned so many copies, has been completely redesigned. G-Sport axle technology is employed here to shave 3 oz. off the original hub, while using bigger bearings and a stronger axle. The new 10mm inbound axle brings the weight to 228g with 17mm wrench flat, 7075-T6 aluminum cones, and 6mm allen bolts.

2014-T6 forged aluminum hub shell with 17mm wrench flats
7075-T6 aluminium collars
17mm 7075-T6 heli-coiled aluminium axle
Precision sealed bearings
10mm G-Sport axle bolts
Weight: 225g
Colour: White

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