Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fly Bikes Pantera 2 Frame

Flybikes Pantera 2 frame. (Primo spanish BB kit & Fly Bikes Headset included)
IDR 2.500.000, belum termasuk kirim.
Well, here we go. Here is the pantera 2 frame. Over that time it’s improved with the spanish bb, guiri tabs, new gusset and hidden headset. Stronger solution for this spot so we used it and it goes great. It uses the the asimetric tube thickness with 2mm on the bottom and 1.2mm on the top. With the strenght of the integrated gusset, Fly thought they could use slighty smaller diameter tubes. Fly kept the same thickness though. Fly don’t like thin tubes on the downtube and chainstays. Using thin tubes there, they will save about 350 g.

Top Tube: 20.6″
Down Tube Length: 40 mm. / 1.55″
Seat Stay Length: 19 mm. / 0.75″
Chainstay Length: 20.5 mm. / 1″
Weight: 2505 g
Color: Mustard
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