Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Odyssey Aaron Ross Tires

Odyssey aaron ross tire (rodyssey)
IDR 275.000 black (belum termasuk ongkos kirim)
untuk pemesanan atau sekedar tanya-tanya silakan tinggalkan pesan di wall atau message. Untuk mendapatkan balasan secepatnya silahkan telpon ke nomor berikut
Sarkum: 085697885511
Mechsa: 0818984541

The Odyssey Aaron Ross tyre is Aaron Ross’ signature tyre with a keyboard style tread pattern and large rectangular side lugs for added cornering and wall traction. This tyre features a fast rolling speed thanks to the keyboard pattern and a dual ply sidewall to prevent damage when grinding. Before putting them on your bike, take a few minutes to read all the random messages on the lugs and sidewall for a few laughs.

Aaron Ross signature tyre
Fast rolling keyboard tread for all round use
Big sizes to absorb big impacts
Loadsa funny messages in the tread pattern
Heavy duty dual ply sidewalls
Regular steel bead
100 psi
Size: 2.1″, or 2.35″
Colour: Black Wall

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